Steve Flintoft is Client of the month

Client of the month – May 2021 – is Steve Flintoft.

Steve informed me last night that in all his years of being a member he has never received the award for client of the month. I was amazed! How could such a committed member have been overlooked???? Well not any more.
After Steve’s brush with Covid at the start of 2021 which took the wind out of him quite literally, he has returned to the gym with renewed vigour and fortitude to get fit again. It’s been a slow and steady climb back to box jumps, burpees and half kossacks. Three months later he now smashes cardio sessions (or at least give Chris Thompson a run for his buck). In other SGPT sessions he listens and adapts his form to make every exercise as precise as possible so that each session counts. He’s well on his way to previous top form and with the 28 day Body Balance round the corner I know he will lose unwanted fat with some concentrated effort on eating healthily.
Well done my friend. You are a joy to have in the evening sessions and Saturday Circuits. Keep up 3 a week and you will be super fit in no time! You are a deserved winner of the cup this month and I genuinely can’t believe you have never won it before now …Shocker!
Three cheers from Mr 12 out of 10 Flintoft.

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