Caroline Woods Peel

I have been a member of Stronger for Longer for over 2 years and I have loved every minute. I was welcomed and made to feel at home immediately and had a fabulous first session with Chris to assess my fitness and set my goals. I manage to go to three or four classes per week, each of them well planned and enjoyable. The rolling programme of classes ensures a lot of variety is fitted into the timetable and the monthly accountability sessions help to renew my focus and motivate me.

The small classes sizes mean that you receive specific help and advice during each class. In a class of six we might all be doing the same exercises slightly differently as it has been altered to suit us individually. It’s a fabulous gym with a sociable and friendly group of people who made me feel at home and help me to focus on my goals. I would recommend it to anyone, it’s worth every penny!!!

Caroline won our Client of the month in February 2021 in the middle of the second lockdown! Here’s what we had to say about her.
The award comes round so quickly but with so many clients worthy of note we had to pick a true winner and I think we are right in saying this person has not received this before and will be a very popular choice. Caroline Woods-Peel is a truly deserving recipient. I’m afraid we forgot to record the award ceremony speech, however I know her friends were online at the time and gave her the big cheer she deserves. So why Caroline? Easy decision …
She has absolutely got to grips with functional movement patterns because she understands all of the exercises and how to execute them properly. She gets what she is asking her body to do and she is able to perform all of the various movements with ease. As a result of this marked improvement in form she is able to perform the exercises for longer, thus increasing her cardio stamina, and can hold stretches with greater ease, lengthening her muscles to improve her flexibility. She is striving to achieve all round perfection which we should all be aspiring to: Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Cardio fitness and Core Strength.
Not only that but Caroline is wonderful to have in a session because she’s honest with herself and us about what she can and can’t do and always takes on board feedback and strives to improve. Sometimes it would be fair to say that she finds the sessions tough and isn’t always ‘up for it’ but she gives it her all and knows her limits – she never cheats herself on time or effort.
But what really makes her a dream to coach is that fact that she gives us, as instructors, feedback too which makes the Zoom engaging and interactive which is what we like. In addition she is so supportive of others because she is a thoroughly lovely person.
Her fitness improvements are huge, particularly in the last few months, and sustained. We are thrilled for her and wish she could have more time outside of work to do more training to achieve her long distance hardmoor running targets.
Caroline thanks for being a great team player, for listening to us and your body and for trusting us to get you to where you want to be. You should feel really proud of yourself. I’ll stop singing your praises from the roof tops now…
Last thing… Caroline please get yourself a heavier weight at home!!