Denise’s Story

For years I just wanted to be guided by a personal trainer, just for a few months, to have someone watch over me, make sure I was executing exercises correctly, someone to help me keep motivated, get fit and flexible, especially now in my later years. I’ve spent quite a lot of my adult years exercising at home to various videos etc but never knew if I was doing them properly. All the stories I was reading, about people losing weight, changing their body shape, being fit etc all involved a personal trainer. In my head though, all PTs were in the big cities, certainly not in my area of Scarborough, but then I discovered small group personal training.

I plucked up courage to contact Stronger for Longer – only needed the courage because I’d always felt intimidated in these places. I’d tried joining  gyms in the past but never stayed as I always felt they were clicky places and I’d feel awkward until I eventually didn’t go back.  This fitness provider has never made me feel this way, maybe it’s because the classes are small but more than likely its because the coaches are the very best, and strive to help you reach your goals. Its not easy but as long as you are willing to put the effort in they will be behind you 100%. You couldn’t find a better person than Chris Stringer to coach /train you, he’s a crazy guy who never stops pushing you that extra mile as he wants you to succeed in achieving your goals.  All the coaches/trainers are brilliant in their own right and bring their own special format to the table but above all else they are interested in you and what you want to achieve and they also go the extra mile to get you there.

Keeping motivated is really hard for me but with the support  of these guys I have managed to turn my few months into a few years and am still going strong. Stronger for Longer is exactly what the name suggests a good all round place to get your health and body on track and keep it there. If your looking to invest your time and money into a good cause, then invest it in yourself by joining the A team, it will be the best thing you ever do.