Alice Crabbe (our youngest Client of the Month)

Alice Crabbe –  Client of the Month May 2022

Alice joined BodyComplete and Stronger for Longer in August 2021 because she felt like she wasn’t doing enough exercise at school and she wanted to get fitter to meet her target of applying to join the army when she turns 18.

Alice has very specific goals of getting fit, strengthening her body and has a desire to lose a bit of weight.

Since starting she has tried to get some consistency to her routine, having a PT weekly with Jon and attending two SGPT sessions a week. So much has improved…

  • Her commitment to exercising. She has focused on trying to get in 3 sessions a week.
  • Her amazing effort. She understands the importance of pushing your body to get what she wants. She has certainly increased her stamina attending Insanity on a regular basis. Her overall fitness endurance has increased markedly. She works without moaning throughout any session.
  • Her confidence. She’s the youngest client and gets stuck in with all the other adults, unphased by what anyone else is doing, and picking up heavier weights when necessary. Nothing fazes her!
  • Her honesty. She is very honest about how she feels, which makes it easy for us to adapt sessions or exercises. Jon has her doing all sorts of crazy stuff to build her muscle.
  • Focusing on healthy eating alongside college and work. Having an expectation of not being perfect at eating healthier all the time has helped Alice to become more positive and consistent with eating. Salads have crept onto the menu.
  • Listening and learning how to move better and increasing her coordination. She has improved her form and technique so much over the last year. She has listened, learnt and applied everything we have taught her and she is so much stronger than she’s ever been before. The effort she puts in and her ability to push herself beyond the point of comfort to achieve the end goal is great.

Congratulations Alice you thoroughly deserve this award. And long may you come to the gym with your enthusiasm and smile to brighten our world.

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