Alison is our client of the month

Client of the Month September 2021

She joined BodyComplete and Stronger for Longer in 2020 when she felt she wasn’t getting the results from her local gym. She came on board during lockdown and doesn’t live locally. As many of you know, she lives deep down South within the lovely city of Chelmsford.

Alison had very specific goals of getting fit, strengthening her legs and core with a desire to lose a bit of weight and look more toned.

Since starting she has really impressed us for several reasons.

  • Her commitment to exercising. She takes part in lots of varied exercise from small group and personal training sessions with us to tennis, swimming, walking and cycling at home with family and friends.
  • Her amazing effort. Although her standard line with me is “That really hurts that does!” She understands the importance of pushing your body and mind in the right ways to get what she wants.
  • Her honesty. She is very honest about how she feels, which makes it easy for us to adapt sessions or exercises. Having a clear communication means we can move forwards in a clear and positive structure.
  • Her amazing smile! How can you not love the smile. When Zoom kicks in and her face appears on the screen she brightens the gym. So thank you for that.
  • Balancing healthy eating with a busy life. Having an expectation of not being perfect at eating healthier all the time has helped Assy be more positive and consistent for longer than in the past. So she likes a glass of wine sometimes – is that bad?! Not at all, recognising that it’s something to have in small quantities is vital to a long lasting, healthy eating, balanced life. Sometimes 70% right is good enough and is enough to feel and look different.
  • Learning how to move well. Alison has improved her form and technique so much over the last year. She came to us not understanding how to get the best out of her body and has listened, learnt and applied everything we have taught her. She now performs perfect squats, planks, deadlifts, lunges etc and is so much stronger and more toned than she’s every been. The effort she puts in and her ability to push herself beyond the point of comfort to achieve the end goal is fantastic.

So well done Alison, you thoroughly deserve this award. And long may you grace our screens in the gym with your enthusiasm and smile!

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