Chris Thompson – Client of the Month (September 2020)

Chris Thompson is our Stronger for Longer client of the month for September 2020.
Chris started training with us in October 2017 (it’s almost his 3 year anniversary!).
The remarkable thing about Chris is that in every single session he has never given up, he has pushed for more reps or a heavier weight. He absolutely gives it 110% every time. When you are training with him he brings on others around him and inspires you to do more.
During (March to July) lockdown he struggled to get into a regular fitness pattern but since we’ve been open he has stepped up to the mark and turned his fitness around. Week by week he has increased his aerobic capacity and strength. He is Chris’ spinning partner (up at the front pushing hard) having regular competitions around who can travel the furthest in 45mins. Bring on the 1000 calorie marker soon. I know all our clients love training with him because of his constant cheerful disposition and drive to get the best out of each small group session. Keep up the amazing work and Thank You for being an avid participant in our semi private coaching programme for all this time.
We all believe him to be our deserving winner of ‘client of the month’.
As a footnote to this, through the most recent (November) lockdown, Chris set himself the near impossible home challenge on the spinning bike of 10k cycle, 100 press ups, 100 crunches and 100 squats EVERY DAY! He has been exercising hard behind the scenes and the result speak volumes. He has lost 2% body fat, 2 kgs of fat mass and increased 2kg of muscle mass. So his weight has remained the same but the body comp is very different. He has lost 1 visceral fat point (now 7) and his metabolic age has reduced from 44 to 37. His body started to work more efficiently, completing the task 2.5 minutes quicker at the end than the beginning of the month, burning less calories and operating at a lower average BPM. We are so impressed Chris. Very well done.
It goes to show that when you commit to looking after yourself, nothing should get in the way.

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