Chris Thompson

Once again we have a winner for client of the month and this goes to somebody, who this time last year, deserved the same praise and award. October’s client recognition award goes to Chris Thompson for two brilliant reasons. Finally after 3 years as a member of Body Complete and now Stronger for Longer he has beaten his own personal goal of running the Scarborough 10k in under 50 minutes. His 48 minute time is thoroughly deserved as he put in a lot of hours and effort running and spinning to get his cardio fitness up. I’d also like to impress that his core strength must have improved, even though he hates those sessions, to achieve such a good time. In addition to this, he has continually focused on a healthy eating diet to bring his overall weight down, decreasing fat mass and increasing muscle. I believe now he is bringing in a new strength target and perhaps a pull up target to further his fitness and to give him something to strive for. We are thrilled that he has achieved what he set out to do (the 10k is ticked off). Above all, it is always a pleasure to have him in our sessions. He is such a gentleman and a joy to train. Long may he continue to push the boundaries and achieve greater physical capability.

From then to now …..

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