Client of the Month – Andy Liggins (November 2021)

Andy joined us in August this year. He had moved to the sunny Scarborough coast to share their time between here and Peterborough. Andy’s objectives were clear; increase strength, balance and lose a bit of weight. He was very keen to start and jumped straight into the Health Management 55+ programme, embracing Spinning, SFL Strength and SFL Mobility. Along side his new fitness routine he has been engaging in the Facebook group, contributing to recipes and making suggestions. We have also witnessed his lovely sense of humour and good nature through images like the lobster claws! Thanks for that Andy 😊

The three of us coaches really feel he deserves this award in November because he has shown us that even though he has a busy life he has changed his routine to put his health at the forefront. He bikes to the gym, he goes on regular walks and swims with his wife, plus he’s at the gym three times a week.  Although he still enjoys the pleasures in life (FYI a latte has 330 calories!), he understands the importance of consistency with exercise and nutrition. He and his wife, Jo, are leading the way in healthy meal choices.

You are a pleasure to have at the sessions Andy, you work hard, ask questions and do as your told… most of the time! The goals you set are very achievable, although we still need to work on the balance but it is definitely getting better. Keep up the effort and the motivation you bring to the gym and to other members in the group. Ps. Zoe is your number one fan!

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