Client of the Month for April

Sue Smalley is our client of the month. Having come back from a bout of Covid19 in early April she put it behind her and started steady again to build up her fitness levels.

Her journey with us at Stronger for Longer started on 30 November. Sue had not exercised regularly for a long while and recognised that she needed to do something to lose weight and rebuild her muscle condition. As an older adult she wanted to take proactive steps to stay healthy and active.  So on the recommendation of her daughter she joined our Health Management 55+ membership. She embraced all that we taught her, attending 3 or 4 times a week, to build her strength, to improve her flexibility and increase her range of mobility. She’s lifting increasingly heavier weights because she understands the importance of learning correct technique first and can apply that knowledge in our small group training sessions. Sue’s always willing to give a new exercise or training programme a try and as a result her core is much stronger and she can hold the plank position for greater time intervals. However it’s not just what Sue achieves in the gym that has impressed us, it’s her discipline with her eating habits at home. She joined the Body Complete 21 day programme in January to focus on healthier dietary choices and started to lose weight. Since January she has lost 9kgs slowly and sustainably by sticking with her a better diet, focused on eating healthier food groups. With her can-do attitude, self-discipline and motivation she will continue to become more mobile, leaner and stronger.  Sticking to a training and nutritional plan is never easy, particularly when you are starting at the beginning, but Sue is showing us all how to do it.

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