Our small group personal training upgrade

In 2020 our Small Group Personal training sessions changed in content and intent.
The 3 coaches have been working hard to design new, relevant and up to date material for the Small Group Personal Training Programme. We always want our clients to get the best out of their training so we constantly stay abreast of new fitness techniques and trends.
In 2020 we have delivered the 5 Pillars of Fitness.
These are as follows:
• Strength
• Power
• Movement
• Core
• Cardio

The 5 pillars are critical aspects to your fitness in order for you to get the best out of your body, whether that be for weight loss, strength and muscle gain, improved mobility or improved cardiovascular fitness. The usage of various movement patterns within those sessions have been designed to complement each other as you move through the week. This will provide each client with a holistic approach to training the body.

Within these sessions the coaches include movement patterns to also improve stability, flexibility and mobility but the main emphasis of the session is focused on the one pillar.
Each day of the week is a separate pillar – 5 days for 5 pillars. Saturday Circuits will always sit outside of the structure.

So whether you make the same times and days every week or if you jump around the week into a variety of sessions, you will most likely get a new session every time. Even if by chance you do attend the same session the following week, repetition of those same exercises is really important for improvement in both technique and how much you can achieve within that pillar.

This upgrade to the SFL Programme and the new rotational structure has been a fantastic content change in 2020 and has been positively received by all of our clients. It has worked in our favour through the lockdown periods as we have been able to easily adapt the programme for exercising at home, using the five pillars of fitness as the format for body-weight exercises. To do this today, this successful format continues to work to bring variety to our clients to benefit their fitness.

For more information about our small group personal training please email strongerforlonger2019@outlook.com

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