Stronger for Longer Promotion and Free Report

  1. Do you suffer from certain physical ailments that you didn’t experience a few years ago?
  2. Are you suffering from joint pain, muscle tightness, lower back or neck pain, to name but a few aches that creep up in our later years?
  3. Do you struggle with restricted movement or inflexibility when completing normal everyday tasks?

You don’t have to be young to be healthy, strong and fit!

If you want to do something about your health, now is the time to address it and we have the best solution for you.

Why should you choose Stronger for Longer?

Stronger for Longer is aimed at the older client who is keen to improve their health and/or better their level of fitness. We offer a holistic approach, combining the right exercise with helpful and relevant nutritional advice to ensure you get the best out of the 8-week programme. So, this plan is for those of you who either want to kick start your fitness again or to improve your range of movement, to support other sporting hobbies such as golf or tennis or leisure activities such as gardening or hill walking.

Here are the details of our exciting new programme, Stronger for Longer. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to trial our exercise plan for older adults.

What does it entail?

Below are the six cornerstones to the programme.

How will this work in practice?

There are specific session every weekday designed to improve muscular strength, balance, posture, co-ordination and movement. We can personalise each session for you to meet your personal needs, be it to address joint pain, muscle tightness, lower back or neck pain. With a choice of five per week, the programme is designed for you to attend any three to get the benefit of committed, regular attendance.

Each session is 1 hour long, with a gentle and progressive 10-15 minute warm up, then the main theme for 30 minutes, followed by an appropriate 10-15 minute cool down, involving stretching exercises for the joints and muscles.

We can only accommodate the first 12 people who enrol. The reason for that is because the client-to-trainer ratio in our programme is critical for your success. We have to make sure you get ALL the personalised attention, coaching and guidance you need to achieve tremendous results because it’s accountability, combined with our expertly designed programming, that makes all the difference.

What other personal support do I receive?

What’s the cost?

We would like to give you the opportunity to try our eight week programme at an amazing price of £180. If you know of someone who might love the opportunity to give it a go please recommend it to a friend or family member and they too can attend Stronger for Longer at this offer price.

Is there a catch?

We know our programme is successful. It is not just theory about what ‘should’ work to make you healthier and stronger. It is based on proven research and the practical experience of training numerous clients like yourselves with various physical ailments. It will be lively, informative and fun. Still not sure?

Here’s our comprehensive report with more information.

Click on the link below to read our full report. It will provide you with all the details you need to find out more about who we are at Body Complete, and why we believe Active Aging is the key to all aspects of wellness in older adults.

If you are interested in joining this programme or can recommend someone who is, please do get in touch with Zoe on 07970170241 or email us at the usual address – We’d love to hear from you.



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