Stronger for Longer Promotion

Whatever your age we believe you can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our client’s lives by creating a memorable fitness experience for each person. We focus on improving health before fitness. We advise our clients on how important it is to better their healthy eating habits, make positive lifestyle choices and undertake the appropriate exercise under careful supervision. We have a unique method of coaching our clients to get sustainable results.

Active ageing recognises the importance of active engagement in life in multiple dimensions of wellness. Our programme is designed to not just improve muscular strength but also improve other abilities such as balance, posture, co-ordination and movement. We aim to better your nutrition and hydration intake, improve sleep patterns and reduce stress. All of which will provide a more functional ageing process as opposed to one where you end up unable to live the life you aspired for.

We use various methods to improve the body’s efficiency of movement using technically advanced exercises, specific to your personal needs or goals. We deliver the best possible solutions to meet those needs, through fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs which will contribute to you becoming fitter and healthier for longer.

We know our programme is successful. It is not just theory about what ‘should’ work to make you healthier and stronger. It is based on proven research and the practical experience of training numerous clients like yourselves with various physical ailments. It will be lively, informative and fun. Whatever your ability we are here to help you! You will train with like-minded people where you will be able to share your common goals, in a comfortable and nonthreatening environment.

Our Launch date for our FREE pilot programme is Monday 5th August and it lasts 4 weeks. We know you will see and feel the benefits after just 4 weeks so that you can make an informed decision as to whether this is right for you.

The first of our 8-week programmes starts on Monday 2nd September.

If you are interested in joining our FREE pilot programme or can recommend someone who is, please do get in touch with Zoe on 07970170241 or email us at the usual address – We’d love to hear from you.



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