Andy Liggins

Andy Liggins ( a valued Health Management 55+ client)

I’m in my early 60s and whilst active (walking, swimming & cycling), I was aware that my muscle strength was quite limited, e.g. difficulty getting up from the floor or sofa and that my balance not as good as it could be.

I know that it would be good to enter older age with more muscle strength, stability and mobility and so wanted to improve these. In addition, I’m overweight and wanted to improve that if possible, both for appearance and functional reasons.

I liked the sound of the mix of group sessions (with 1-1 appointments as necessary) but most of all it was the level of interest and commitment from Chris & Zöe in me and my journey to get fitter and lose weight that gave me the confidence to join.

When I talk about Stronger for Longer to my friends I describe it as great fun and motivational, with expert and caring / committed trainers who encourage me to progress towards my goals.

The two things I really needed help with are:

  • Work on weaker muscle groups in order to improve my balance and strength (e.g. core strength) – the regular gym sessions have helped this;
  • A change in eating habits – I’d tried changing a few bits & bobs sporadically but the clear guidance and support have helped me implement more consistent changes.

My mobility and strength have definitely improved and I really enjoy the structure and routine of the sessions. I eat more healthily (but still enjoyably!) and have lost some weight and hope to lose more. The sessions are fun and it’s been good to do them alongside other members. The quality of the three trainers is excellent and they are great at adapting sessions to people’s individual needs.

I’ve started the fitness journey and want to continue!