Anne Ellmore

My name is Anne, I’m 54 years old and I want to tell you about my experience of being a client of Body Complete gym.

My story starts some years ago when I discovered that I weighed more than 16 stone.

A photograph of me on the Island of Murano in 2012 brought home to me that I could not allow the situation to continue.

I started a diet and with the support of my husband and best friend and lost 3 stone over a period of 6 months.  I noticed that my weight was beginning to creep up again and I knew that I needed a little more help and motivation.

I joined Body Complete in June 2015 when it was situated on Bar Street.  As I entered the gym I didn’t know what to expect but I was met with Chris Stringer, Owner  and Head Coach.  He explained that while my journey back to strength and fitness was not going to be easy, it was  however, very achievable and that I would work at my own pace and that I would be supported every step of the way.  This was helpful to know as in the past I had suffered from ME and prior to that I had been very active taking part in long distance events across the North York Moors.

The gym is unique in that the client can select what type of class they attend I prefer Semi-Private training (no more than six people) along side regular private training sessions.  This is what suits me and the results I have seen are remarkable.  I am much more confident about how I look, I move better and can do much more than I have been able to for many years.

Recent achievements for me has  been to be able to run 1 Kilometre not far I know but this was a big milestone as I suffer from chronic asthma, I have also ridden my road bike around the area and been able to ride all the way up hills such as Hackness hairpins, this would have been unthinkable 3 years ago.

Thank you Body Complete.