Chris Thompson

I have been training at the Body Complete gym since October 2017 and couldn’t recommend them enough. Full professionalism, huge knowledge that constantly deepens, delivered with an amazing sense of humour! Amazing trainers that will do anything to help achieve your goals. With all my heart and all the muscles I had no idea about, I fully recommend.

But why did I start this fitness journey in the first place?

In 2017 I had dropped the excess weight and wanted to sustain it. I wanted indoor gym sessions having briefly tried bootcamps but soon realised large classes don’t work. No one was correcting technique and I wanted to join somewhere that would actually train me. I knew I wanted to do the exercises correctly. Chris was highly recommended, and my initial goal was to be able to run properly. Chris has a huge knowledge in this area and delivered structured running sessions to improve my technique as part of their programme. And so it began.

I initially chose the small group training programme because they were approachable and I liked the feel of what they offered. I tell all my friends and colleagues about my fitness experience. They are knowledgeable but relaxed. We have fun and yet I know I am covering all aspects of my fitness in each hour’s session. And it’s not just strength and cardio. I might not enjoy a core workout in the same way, but I know I must do it for my running to improve. The coaches are friendly but so are their other clients. We give it our all and inspire each other to try harder, which is motivational.

I knew I really needed help with my tight hamstrings and poor core muscle strength. Chris’ assessment of my functional movement identified the problems and I have followed his advice ever since. I really wanted to run but kept incurring injuries because I wasn’t training right. Now I get expert coaching in a small group setting, plus 1-2-1 access to Chris and his team whenever I need it. I can now train safely on my own and feel motivated to do so. Another positive from my experience is that on 16th Oct 2017 I weighed 91kgs, my visceral fat was 7, my metabolic age was 34 and my body fat % was 21%. On 18th Oct 2021 I weighed 83kgs, my visceral fat is 5, my metabolic age is 20 and my body fat % is 15%. I could not have achieved these incredible results without the team around me.

This experience means a lot to me because I don’t want to be a fat dad who can’t keep up with my two young boys. I want to set them a positive example and lead by that example by being as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I am in my thirties and don’t want to be large again. I feel so much better in myself, and I am going to continue with this fitness journey because my health means a lot to me and my family.

Chris on the path to leaness!