Helen Prole

I joined the Stronger for Longer programme initially as I had a bad back and felt like an old croc struggling through the day. GP couldn’t help so I asked Chris for help. After the first few minutes he had identified the issues and after the first 30 mins I felt well-oiled and like a new person. I’ve had no issues at all ever since. The programme is brilliant and tailored for each person’s abilities encompassing all strength and movement necessary to help with an improved performance in daily life and whatever goals each person has. It’s a very friendly group and the coaches are encouraging, friendly and fun. It’s a joy to come in and I always feel better. I never feel weak or a failure and everyone is so encouraging and supportive. There is such a positive atmosphere.

More recently I embarked on the 28 Day Body Balance system, mainly to get some order and control back into my eating. I was basically unbalanced and struggling to get back to normality after Christmas winter etc. It was a fantastic programme. Structured but still flexible enough to work with juggling schedules, family life and away days. The menus and recipes were all really easy and lovely, so every meal felt like a treat and made it so easy to follow. The coaches were so encouraging helpful and realistic. The shared photos and advice from the chat group was really helpful too. It really helped me gain The Balance which I can take forward into the future. I will definitely be keeping to it. I’ve learned what works for me and what doesn’t and feel so much better.

Helen has achieved so many goals since starting with us. She won our ‘client of the month’ last year and again achieved some gains in terms of putting on muscle mass and losing fat as a % of her weight and 17cm from around her body. Her fitness has markedly improved whereby she can happily attend the Semi Private Coaching sessions (BCSP) if she wishes, even though she may feel out of her comfort zone. Helen recognises the importance of regular exercise and understanding what and why she is doing the exercises set in the sessions in a particular way. That allows her to get the best out of the time she invests here in herself. For Helen this is a sustainable, fitness journey and one she knows she needs for her all round health and well-being.