Helen Prole

What does SFL mean to me:

Life, living, vitality, energy, well-being, positivity, structure, strength, hope, which ripples to the whole family.

From feeling 100 with a bad back and lifelong painkillers, Chris sorted me out in 3 minutes. The sessions have transformed my mindset and health which has impacted on my family.

There is such positivity and care and attention and everyone is welcomed and valued. Our weaknesses are not judged, but given the tools to overcome or adjust. The sessions are just right and everyone is accommodated to their own particular anomalies.

I can now bounce out of bed in the morning pain free and stay awake, I have a positive focus and structure and the whole family benefit.

Personally another exercise session would be nice but that’s because I work on Thursdays and can’t get in then.

Its all great – keep it going, thank you.