Michelle Neighbour

Michelle’s thoughts on Body Complete:

I started with Body Complete 3/4 years ago doing the Bootcamp. Chris Stringers motivation, energy and personality got me through two freezing winters on the beach, made me a lot fitter, stronger, thinner and mentally happier.

I left for a year due to family and work commitments and tried the regular gym scene. I lost my fitness level, put my weight back on and felt demotivated. I returned because I knew Chris Stringer and his team were the only ones who could help me get to where I needed to be. Four months on, I am fitter, happier , a stone lighter and I train whenever I can. Chris, Zoe and their new instructor Jon, push me all the time. Everyone who attends are fun and friendly and I love it. I would 100% recommend the Stronger for Longer family.

Michelle Won Client of the Month in February. This is why she won this accolade!

My client of the month goes to a lady who has recently returned to our gym and she is Michelle Neighbour.

Since rejoining, she has shown an amazing motivation to improve her fitness level straight away. She got on with it straight away to strive for a leaner, stronger body. She achieved good results doing the 21 Transformation Programme, losing 4kgs of weight and 18cms from around her body. She manages to fit in 2+ Semi-Private sessions a week despite both her and her husband working full time in shifts. They also have two children to juggle who are always welcome on the couch! She never makes excuses and has the intention to continue her focus on eating healthily and exercising hard. I’ve no doubt she will achieve her targets.

Not only that, Michelle is great fun to train. She turns up to every session ready to work hard and with a fantastic story to tell. She welcomes and encourages those around her and enjoys being pushed, never giving up. Michelle, you bring a sparkle to my gym. Keep doing what you are doing with humour and determination. That’s my girl!!