Steve Flintoft

Steve Flintoft on Small Group Training

I realised I needed to reignite my passion for fitness. I have always been a keen runner, but I needed advice on looking after the full me. I saw an advert and offer (many years ago) for a morning boot camp. I attended these sessions and loved every minute of them. The knowledge and expertise of the coaches really helped motivate and aide my improvement. Additionally, I have previously been a member at another gym but didn’t enjoy going there as it was full of the stereotypical gym bods – just posing with their phone in front of some stacked weights for the purpose of showing off on social media – you don’t get that at all at Body Complete. It’s personal, accompanied with a warm-fuzzy feeling of family.

I saw the offer of a reduced small-group membership for 3 months. This was also accompanied by taking the time to sit down with me and drill down into the finer details of what I wanted to get out of the Stronger for Longer Programme. I needed help to strengthen and improve my hip flexors. All the sport massages in the world couldn’t rectify the fact that I needed to concentrate on this group of muscles. The team have really helped me to improve this flexibility, but work commitments have meant that progress hasn’t been as swift as we all would have liked.

They have also given me great nutritional advice. Not that my diet was shocking, but I feel that I am more conscious than I have ever being about how I’m fuelling my body. The 21 Day transformation challenge is always an achievement – to eat cleanly for 21 days is an achievement but coupled with seeing your weight go down and your confidence increase. What more could you ask for?

If I had to use words to describe Body Complete to my friends, I would say that they are experts at what they do. The ethos is inviting, friendly, fun, because they create a family environment. Not to sound clichéd, but knowing that the world and his dog may have been against you during the day, but if you manage to walk through that green door and complete a session (as best as you can) it will make you feel invincible. That’s what my training means to me.

Being a member of Body Complete to me is the best experience from a gym I have ever had. To have coaches that know your name, know what you are trying to achieve and motivate you to get there and beyond. I just love being part of the BC family! Knowing that there is honest and genuine support from all the SFL coaches means so much to me. The accountabilities really help focus your fitness intention. This pledge is not just in black and white – it’s what the coaches bring your attention to subconsciously, when you attend the sessions.

My fitness has improved (and I can’t wait to see what this year will bring). I will hopefully be around for many years, being able to enjoy life to its fullest for my wife, children, family and friends.